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More features than a Swiss Army knife

Design with ease

Draw up attractive newsletters – with no limits on your creativity.

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Insert elements with various styles, e.g. image+text, image+text+button, social media links, separators, and much more
Use background images
Optional: Automatically integrate products from your online shop
Multi-column elements
Default settings
Practical preset style settings are available for every element, but can also be easily adjusted, e.g. background color, buttons, ...
It's easy to edit the width and orientation of your mailing to turn your own ideas into reality.
Mailings are automatically furnished with an unsubscribe link and web view link to put you on sound legal footing.
Our service offers a wide array of other options – try it out and see for yourself.
All newsletters and templates are automatically optimized for smartphones and tablets.
It's easy to address your recipients personally.
Receive a preview email before you send out your mailing – so you can send with absolute confidence.
We help you play it safe by sending test emails free of charge.

Over 250 impressive templates

  • Business templates
  • Seasonal templates (Easter, Halloween, ...)
  • Layout/structural templates
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Select or deselect the use of emojis as you please.
AutoSave (back/recovery functions).
File size
Images are compressed automatically.
You have the option to upload your own HTML.

Looking for more?

  • Use preheaders
  • Embed images
  • Preview emails on several different devices
  • Connect to Google Analytics
  • Use your own domain for all links
  • Change the character sets
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Reliable delivery

Our high technical standards and extensive experience guarantee reliable delivery and success that you can measure.

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Time-controlled delivery
Follow-up emails
Send attachments, e.g. catalogs
Pause feature
Spam scoring
Birthday emails
Server location in
Certified email system (various whitelisting services, incl. CSA and ISIPP)
Automatic reputation monitoring
Bounce management
A/B testing

For professionals

  • Trigger emails
  • Automatic feedback loops
  • Marketing automation
  • Automatic Robinson/ECG blacklist comparison
  • Transaction emails
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Manage contacts

Well-organized recipient management combined with the strictest data protection ensures happy customers.

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Data backup using servers located in Germany
Import excel and CSV files
Shop and CRM connections (Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, Oxid, Wordpress)
Export as a CSV file
Personalized for each recipient
Receive subscription and cancellation notifications
Recipient segmentation
Filter feature
Unlimited recipient lists
Automatic bounce management


See how effective your mailings have been. Set yourself new goals on the road to success.

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User-friendly dashboard (with all the important KPIs)
Evaluation according to device type (smartphone/tablet/desktop)
Evaluation according to software (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple)
Activity report per recipient
Share your evaluations
Evaluation according to location/country (geolocation)
Export your evaluation as a PDF