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View of the certified email system

Certified email system

As member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and an accredited ISIPP Suretymail sender, server-side spam filters rarely interfere with delivery, increasing the chances that the recipient will see your mailing. In addition, automated processes ensure excellent transmission quality and strong performance.

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Preview of the newsletter editor

Newsletter editor

The rapidmail editor makes it easy to create a newsletter, even if you have no previous experience. Your newsletter can be designed in just a few minutes – proper display is automatically guaranteed!

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View of various newsletter templates

High-quality newsletter templates

Select one of our many free, high-quality newsletter templates and customize it to suit your needs with our intuitive editor.

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A/B testing

Simultaneously send several versions of a subject line from different senders to find out which version is most successful.

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Send personalized newsletters

Dynamic content

Dear Sir or Madam? Dear Customer? How impersonal. Increase the open and click-through rates of your mailings and address your recipients by name. With simple formulas, you can ensure that only relevant contents are displayed.

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Preview function for different email clients

Preview function for different email clients

Before you send your mailing, preview it in various email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail. With rapidmail's preview function, you can check your layout in advance to make sure it displays properly!

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Preview of mailing import

Import mailings

Create your mailing on your desktop and upload it as a ZIP file. Your graphics will automatically be integrated into the email to ensure that they are not blocked by the recipient.

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Preview for adjusting the feedback loop

Feedback loops

If a recipient at one of the major email providers marks your mailing as spam, we automatically receive this information. The recipient is then automatically deleted, which improves the quality rating of your mailings.

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Free test emails

Extensive testing is important - once your mailing has been sent, it’s too late to make corrections. That’s why sending to fewer than 10 recipients is free of charge, allowing you to test your mailing under real conditions.

Send attachments

With rapidmail, you can also send attachments. Your catalog is available as a PDF document? You’d like to send your recipients a brochure as an attachment? rapidmail makes it easy.

Manage returned emails

Is an email undeliverable? Easily specify how many times rapidmail should attempt delivery before the address is automatically deleted from the list. We’ll take care of the rest.

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